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   1300 Math Formulas
   A. Svirin
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 338
   A First Course in with Applications Complex Analysis
   D.G. Zill, P.D. Shanahan
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 517
   A Handbook of Essential Mathematical Formulae
   John Scherk
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 419
   A Tutorial On Learning Bayesian Networks
   D. Heckerman
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 41
   Algebra - A computational Introduction
   John Scherk
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 419
   An Introduction to Complex Analysis for Engineers
   Alan Davies, Diane Crann
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 81
   An Introduction to Numerical Analysis
   E. Süli, D.F. Mayers
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 445
   An Introduction to Numerical Methods and Analysis
   J.F. Epperson
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 615
   An Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
   James C. Robinson
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 416
   Analysis, Modelling, Optimization, and Numerical Techniques
   G. Tost, O. Vasilieva
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 373
   Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus
   Allyn J.Washington
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 1159
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 456
   Calculus - Early Transcendental Functions
   Ron Larson, Bruce Edwards
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 1321
   Calculus (2nd Edition)
   J. Rogawski
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 1215
   Calculus (7th Edition)
   J. Stewart
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 1381
   Calculus for Computer Graphics
   John Vince
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 230
   Calculus For Dummies (2nd Edition)
   Mark Ryan
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 387
   Calculus With Applications (Second Edition)
   P.D. Lax, M.S. Terrell
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 509
   Concepts of Combinatorial Optimization
   Vangelis Th. Paschos
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 365
   Development and application of the Finite Element Method based on Matlab
   Herbert Baaser
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 75
   Dictionary of Analysis, Calculus, and Differential Equations
   Stan Gibilisco
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 267
   Dictionary of Applied Math for Engineers and Scientists
   D.N. Clark, S. Gibilisco
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 149
   Dictionary of Mathematics Terms (Third Edition)
   Douglas Downing
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 411
   Differential Equations (3rd edition)
   S.L. Ross
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 808
   Differential Equations with Boundary-Value Problems (8th Edition)
   D.G. Zill, W.S. Wright
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 673
   Differential Equations Workbook for Dummies
   Steven Holzner
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 314
   Differential Geometry for Physicists and Mathematicians
   J.G. Vargas
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 312
   Elementary Geometry for College Students (5th Edition)
   A. Koeberlein
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 628
   Elementary Linear Algebra (4th Edition)
   S. Andrilli, D. Hecker
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 769
   Elementary Number Theory with Applications (Second Edition)
   Thomas Koshy
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 801
   Essential Mathematical Methods 1 & 2 (5th Edition)
   M. Evans, K. Lipson, D. wallace
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 626
   Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business (2nd Edition)
   T. Bradley, P. Patton
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 656
   Essentials of Applied Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
   Robert G. Watts
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 181
   Everyday Mathematics Teacher's Refernce Manual - Glossary
   Max Bell
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 60
   Fractional Differential Equations
   Igor Podlubny
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 368
   From Calculus to Analysis
   Steen Pedersen
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 345
   Frontiers of Applied and Computational Mathematics
   D. Blackmore, A. Bose, P. Petropoulos
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 275
   Fuzzy Sets And Systems - Theory And Applications
   Didier Dubois, Henri Prade
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 397
   Game Theory At Work
   J. Miller
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 294
   Guide to Essential Math - A review for Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Students
   S. M. Blinder
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 295
   Handbook of Mathematical Formulas and Integrals (Fourth Edition)
   Alan Jeffrey, Hui-Hui Dai
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 589
   Intermediate Statistics for Dummies
   Deborah Rumsey
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 385
   Introduction to Differential Calculus
   U.L. Rohde, G.C. Jain, A.K. Poddar, A.K. Ghosh
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 757
   Introduction to Linear Algebra
   G. Strang
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 578
   Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
   Peter J. Olver
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 652
   Introductory Differential Equations (4th Edition)
   M.L. Abell, J.P. Braselton
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 531
   Language, Space and Mind - The Conceptual Geometry of Linguistic Meaning
   Paul Chilton
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 356
   Linear Alge bra (3rd Edition)
   Serge Lang
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 308
   Linear Algebra
   Jim Hefferon
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 446
   Linear Algebra - A Modern Introduction
   D. Poole
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 773
   Linear Regression Analysis - Theory and Computin
   Xin Yan, Xiao Gang Su
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 349
   Logic for Dummies
   Mark Zegarelli
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 381
   LSAT Logic Games for Dummies
   Mark Zegarelli
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 387
   Markov Processes for Stochastic Modeling
   Oliver C. Ibe
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 505
   Math Dictionary
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 67
   Math Handbook - Book 1
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 393
   Math Mysteries - Grade 6
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 49
   Math Word Problems for Dummies
   M.J. Sterling
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 351
   Mathematical Modeling in Social Sciences and Engineering
   Lopez, Sanchez, Mico
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 372
   Mathematical Structures for Computer Graphics
   Steven J. Janke
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 411
   Mathematical Theory of Reliability
   R.E. Barlow, F. Proschan
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 277
   Multivariable Calculus (7th ed)
   James Stewart
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 608
   Numerical Analysis (2nd Edition)
   Timothy Sauer
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 665
   Numerical Analysis (9th Edition)
   R.L. Burden, J.D. Faires
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 895
   Pre-Algebra Essentials For Dummies
   M. Zegarelli, K. Fanning
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 195
   Pre-Calculus Workbook for Dummies
   M.R. Gilman, C. Burger, K. Neal
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 339
   Precalculus Mathematics for Calculus (7th Edition)
   J. Stewart, L. Redlin, S. Watson
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 1108
   Probability An Introduction with Statistical Applications ( 2nd Edition)
   John J. Kinney
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 483
   Probability and statistics for Engineers and Scientists (4th Edition)
   S. Ross
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 681
   Probability for Dummies
   D. Rumsey
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 386
   Scientific Computing with Matlab and Octave
   A. Quarteroni, F. Saleri
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 342
   Statistics Essentials for Dummies
   Deborah Rumsey
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 195
   The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics (4th Edition)
   C. Clapham, J. Nicholson
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 876
   The Nuts and Bolts of Proofs (Third Edition)
   Antonella Cupillari
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 193
   Trigonometry Workbook for Dummies
   M. Sterling
   Category:  Mathematics          Pages: 322