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   123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius
   M. Predko
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 357
   1800 Mechanical Movements - Devices and Appliances
   G.D. Hiscox
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 416
   A Journey from Robot to Digital Human
   Edward Y.L. Gu
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 600
   A Textbook of Machine Design
   R.S. Khurmi, J.K. Gupta
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 1251
   Active Visual Inference of Surface Shape
   Roberto Cipolla
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 203
   Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines
   Hiroshi Kimura, Kazuo Tsuchiya, Akio Ishiguro, Hartmut Witte
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 297
   Advanced Mechatronics - Monitoring and Control of Spatially Distributed Systems
   Dan Necsulescu
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 342
   Advances in Robot Kinematics
   Jadran Lenarcic, Bernard Roth
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 500
   Amphibionics - Build Your Own Biologically Inspired Reptilian Robot
   Karl Williams
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 385
   An Introduction to MEMs Engineering
   Nadim Malu, Kirt Williams
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 304
   Anatomy of a Rrobot
   Charles M Bergren
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 321
   Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning
   Fernando Pereira
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 39
   Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems for Engineers
   C.S. Krishnamoorthy; S. Rajeev
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 254
   Artificial Mind System - Kernel Memory Approach
   Tetsuya Hoya
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 287
   Autonomous Mobile Robots - Sensing, Control, Decision Making and Applications
   Shuzhi Sam Ge, Frank L Lewis
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 698
   Autonomous Robotic Systems
   Anibal T. de Almeida, Oussama Khatib
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 284
   Autonomous Robots - Modeling, Path Planning, and Control
   Farbod Fahimi
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 348
   BeagleBone Robotic Projects
   Richard Grimmett
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 244
   Bio-MEMS Technologies and Applications
   Wang, Sope
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 463
   Biomimetics - Biologically Inspired Technologies
   Yoseph Bar Cohen
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 579
   Biomimetics - Biologically Inspired Technologies
   David R Shircliff
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 145
   Build a Remote Controlled Robot
   Milutinovic, Lima
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 133
   Cells and Robots
   Geoff Williams
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 321
   CNC Robotics
    Pasquale Chiacchio, Stefano Chiaverini
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 186
   Complex Robotic Systems
   Stan Gibilisco
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 383
   Concise Encyclopedia of Robotics
   Cristian Secchi
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 245
   Control of Intelligent Robotic Interfaces
   R.V. Patel, F. Shadpey
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 212
   Control of Redundant Robot Manipulators
   R. Kelly, V. Santibanez, A. Loria
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 429
   Control of Robot Manipulators in Joint Space
   Yangsheng Xu, Yongsheng Ou
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 201
   Control of Single Wheel Robots
   B. Siciliano, K.P. Valavanis
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 310
   Control Problems in Robotics and Automation
   Frank Kreith
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 116
   CRC Press - Mechanical Engineering Handbook - Robotics
   Thomas R. Kurfess
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 579
   CRC Press - Robotics and Automation Handbook
   Robert H. Bishop
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 1229
   CRC Press - The Mechatronics Handbook
   Daniele Benedettelli
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 598
   Creating Cool MINDSTORMS NXT Robots
   John Holland
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 353
   Designing Mobile Autonomous Robots
   Cynthia L Breazeal
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 282
   Designing Sociable Robots
   Angelo Cangelosi, Matthew Schlesinger
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 427
   Developmental Robotics - From Babies to Robots
   Ernst D. Dickmanns
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 490
   Dynamic Vision for Perception and Control of Motion
    Boissonnat, Teillaud
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 351
   Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces
   Kim, Tadokoro
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 287
   Electroactive Polymers for Robotic Applications
   Thomas Braunl
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 454
   Embedded Robotics
   Andrade Cetto, Sanfeliu
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 146
   Environment Learning for Indoor Mobile Robots
   Corke P., Sukkarieh S
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 609
   Field and Service Robotics
   Yuta S.
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 543
   Field and Service Robotics- Recent Advances
   Jorge Angeles
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 544
   Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems
   A. Wolf, R. Steinmann, H, Schunk
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 247
   Grippers in Motion - the Fascination of Automated Handling Tasks
   Tod E.Kurt
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 458
   Hacking Roomba
   Eduardo Bayro Corrochano
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 772
   Handbook of Geometric Computing
    Richard L. Shell and Ernest L. Hall
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 857
   Handbook of Industrial Automation
   Bruno Siciliano, Oussama Khatib
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 1628
   Handbook of Robotics
   A. Parr
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 249
   Hydraulics and Pneumatics
   J. Norberto Pires
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 289
   Industrial Robots Programming
   Braz J.
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 287
   Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics I
    Javaan Singh Chahl
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 277
   Innovations in Intelligent Machines 1
   Srikanta Patnaik
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 313
   Innovations in Robot Mobility and Control
   Peter Stone
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 166
   Intelligent Autonomous Robotics - A Robot Soccer Case Study
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 33
   Intro to Mechatronics
   Murphy R.R
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 487
   Introduction to AI Robotics
   Roland Siegwart, Illah R. Nourbakhsh
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 336
   Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots
   Roland Siegwart, Illah R. Nourbakhsh
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 336
   Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots
   Jenn Stroud Rossmann, Clive L. Dym
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 491
   Introduction to Engineering Mechanics - A Continuum Approach
   J.J. Craig
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 459
   Introduction to Robotics - Mechanics and Control
   J.M. Selig
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 157
   Introductory Robotics
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 354
   LEGO MINDSTORMS - Robotics Invention System-2 Projects
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 658
   LEGO MINDSTORMS - Building Robots
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 257
   LEGO MINDSTORMS - Dark Side Robots Transports and Creatures
   Jonathan B. Knudsen
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 266
   LEGO MINDSTORMS - The Unofficial Guide to Robots
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 570
   LEGO Mindstorms Masterpieces - Building and Programming Advanced Robots
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 1282
   Machine Design Handbook
   Bruno Apolloni, Ashish Ghosh, Ferda Alpaslan, Lakhmi C. Jain, Srikanta Patnaik
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 357
   Machine Learning and Robot Perception
   David Vernon
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 261
   Machine Vision
   Frank Kreith
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 2466
   Mechanical Engineering Handbook
   N.Lobontiu and E.Garcia
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 418
   Mechanics of Microelectromechanical Systems
   M. Nakamura S. Goto and N. Kyura
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 201
   Mechatronic Servo System Contro
   Georg Pelz
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 234
   Mechatronic Systems
   Clarence W. de Silva
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 492
   Mechatronic Systems - Devices, Design, Control, Operation and Monitoring
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 316
   Mechatronic Systems, Applications
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 343
   Mechatronic Systems, Simulation, Modelling and Control
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 78
   A Preumont
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 215
   Robert H. Bishop
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 285
   Mechatronics - An Introduction
   Eiji Arai, Tatsuo Arai
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 461
   Mechatronics for Safety, Security and Dependability in a New Era
   N.C. Braga
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 225
   Mechatronics for the Evil Genius
   Nat. Aca. Press
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 75
   MEMS Advanced Materials and Fabrication Methods
   Robert Osiander, M. Ann Garrison Darrin, John L. Champion
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 369
   MEMS and Microstructures in Aerospace Applications
   Stephen Beeby, Graham Ensell, Michael Kraft, Neil White
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 281
   MEMS Mechanical Sensors
   James J. Allen
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 463
   Micro Electro Mechanical System Design
   H. Ukita
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 259
   Micromechanical Photonics
   Gardner, Varadhan, Awadelkarim
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 521
   Microsensors, MEMS and Smart Devices
   Flynn, Jones
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 456
   Mobile Robots Inspiration to Implementation
   Harry Henderson
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 208
   Modern Robotics Building Versatile Macines
   D. Stephen, J. O'neil
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 38
   Motion Control Handbook
   Jiming Liu, Jianbing Wu
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 310
   Multi-Agent Robotic Systems
   Zivanovic, Vukobratovic
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 297
   Multi-Arm Cooperating Robots - Dynamics and Control
   Lynne E. Parker, Frank E. Schneider, Alan C. Schultz
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 289
   Multi-Robot Systems From Swarms to Intelligent Automata
   S.E. Lyshevski
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 241
   Nano- and Micro Eelectromechanical Systems
   P. Manoonpong
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 194
   Neural Preprocessing and Control of Reactive Walking Machines
   Joseph Ayers
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 627
   Neurotechnology for Biomimetic Robots
   Douglas H Williams
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 256
   PDA Robotics
   Douglas H. Williams
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 256
   PDA Robotics - Using Your Personal Digital Assistant to Control Your Robot
   John Iovine
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 289
   PIC Robotics
   Ferat Sahin, Pushkin Kachroo
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 465
   Practical and Experimental Robotics
   Mark Watson
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 157
   Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming In Java
   Hector J. De Los Santos
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 264
   Principles and Applications of NanoMEMS Physics
   Jorg Walter
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 169
   Rapid Learning in Robotics
   Ryszard Jablonski, Mateusz Turkowski, Roman Szewczyk
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 709
   Recent Advances in Mechatronics
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 285
   Robot Arms
   Fred Martin, Pankaj Oberoi, Randy Sargent
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 257
   Robot Builder Guide
   Gordon Mccomb
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 770
   Robot Builders Bonanza
   Gordon McComb
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 731
   Robot Builders Source Book
    Frank L.Lewis
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 614
   Robot Manipulator Control Theory and Practice
   P.E. Sandin
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 337
   Robot Mechanisms And Mechanical Devices Illustrated
   M. Thoma, M. Morari
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 397
   Robot Motion and Control
   J.P. Laumond
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 354
   Robot Motion Planning and Control
   Stefan Florczyk
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 212
   Robot Vision
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 250
   Thomas R. Kurfess
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 579
   Robotics and Automation Handbook
   Edwin Wise
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 333
   Robotics Demystified
   Ben-Zion Sandier
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 445
   Robotics Designing the Mechanisms for Automated Machinery
   Robotics Designing the Mechanisms for Automated Machinery
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 353
   Robots Androids and Animatrons - 12 Incredible Projects You Can Build
   Ulrich Nehmzow
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 217
   Scientific Methods in Mobile Robotics
   Vladimir J. Lumelsky
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 456
   Sensing Intelligence Motion - How Robots and Humans Move
   J. Wilson
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 703
   Sensor Technology Handbook
   Vijay K. Varadan
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 401
   Smart Material Systems and MEMS
   Kerstin Dautenhahn
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 298
   Socially Intelligent Agents - Creating Relationships with Computers and Robots
   Davide Brugali
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 487
   Software Engineering for Experimental Robotics
   Stephane Ducasse
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 362
   Squeak Learn Programming with Robots
   D. Kragic, H.I. Christensen
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 58
   Survey on Visual Servoing for Manipulation
   Scott Preston
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 441
   The Definitive Guide to Building Java Robots
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 164
   The Drones Book (3rd Edition)
   Gabe Bentz
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 24
   The Everything Machine - What Robots can do today and what they will do tomorrow
   Robert H. Bishop
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 1229
   The Mechatronics Handbook
   M. Gad el Hak
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 1332
   The MEMS Handbook (1st Ed)
   M. Gad el Hak
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 469
   The MEMS Handbook Introduction & Fundamentals (2nd Ed)
   M. Gad el Hak
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 547
   The MEMS Handbook MEMS Applications (2nd Ed)
   M. Gad el Hak
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 647
   The MEMS Handbook MEMS Design (2nd Ed)
   Joaquín M. Fuster
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 425
   The Prefrontal Cortex (Fourth Edition)
   Gordon Mccomb
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 768
   The Robot Builder's Bonanza (2nd Ed.)
   Kevin Mukhar, Dave Johnson
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 306
   The Ultimate Palm Robot
   A.S. Hall, A.R. Holowenko, H.G. Laughlin
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 351
   Theory and Problems of Machine Design
   Gianluca Antonelli
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 283
   Underwater Robots
   M.A. Goodale
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 372
   Vision and Action - The Control of Grasping
   Geoffrey Taylor, Lindsay Kleeman
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 230
   Visual Perception and Robotic Manipulation
   J Norberto Pires
   Category:  Mechatronics          Pages: 192