Did Aliens Help Tesla To Invent The First Anti-Gravity Machine?


Did Aliens Help Tesla To Invent The First Anti Gravity Machine 01


Nikola Tesla is a name of some fame, a brilliant scientist probably known best for his contributions to AC power, the form of power he believed to be superior for transmission vs. DC.

Others may recognize him from Tesla Coils, creations for generating extremely high voltages and used today by various art installations and even for the generation of music.

Tesla was known for being eccentric at best and perhaps a little crazy at worst. He had many inventions of varying scientific legitimacy including many that sadly the main technology was only known about in his head and never written down. Some people have suggested that perhaps Tesla's inspiration was perhaps not of this world due to the radical and progressive nature of his discoveries and inventions.



Among the strangest of his inventions was what appears to be a man-made UFO, a flying saucer designed by Tesla himself. Containing various high power components such as huge capacitors for storage of electricity used for propulsion as well as devices that he explained but were not at that time able to be built. These include complex computers and flat screens to show the outside as well as allow the pilot to adjust his viewpoint quickly and easily.

These instructions are so radical that they have added fuel to the fire of the belief that perhaps Tesla had inspiration from outside the earth. Some even theorize that Tesla got the idea for the UFO from actual aliens, they say this would explain the similarity as well as the presence of technology that did not currently exist.

I'm unsure if I personally believe Tesla had contact with aliens but his ideas were revolutionary and far beyond some others of his time. If even half of the inventions he designed but never built worked then the idea that this all came from one man becomes more unbelievable. We may never know for sure where Tesla got his inspiration but either way, he was a great man who helped to push forward our understanding of electricity as we know it.